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How to Learn Spanish with Felipe Bonilla

Learn about Felipe Bonilla, one of Howcast's Spanish language experts, in this video.


Hi everyone. My name is Felipe Bonilla. I am originally from Colombia. I was born in the northern city in Colombia of Barranquilla. It's a very, very hot city. Shakira is from there.

And at the age of 10 my family and I decided to move to a much colder part of Colombia in Bogotá, which is the capital. It's a city in the mountains, sort of, like Boulder in Colorado. After that, after I graduated from high school, I decided that I wanted to study business and work in marketing and finance, which I then realized wasn't such a good idea.

So, then I decided to pursue something a little bit more artistic in my life. So, I got a master's degree in acting, and directing, and teaching, which is another passion of mine, from the National Conservatory of Theatre and Education in Colombia in Bogotá. And so now I'll teach you how to say a few things in Spanish.

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