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What Is City Plumbing?

Learn everything you need to know about city plumbing in this Howcast plumbing repair video with expert Tim Flynn.


I'm Tim Flynn and I'm the owner of Winter's Plumbing and Heating in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Winter's Company offers plumbing, heating, cooling. If you need service today, we're the business to call. My website is I'll be talking to you today about plumbing.

City plumbing, when I think of city plumbing, I think of large buildings. I think of multiple apartment buildings. I always go back to knowing where the water main is. I have to know if someone is going to be above me and a toilet is leaking or a pipe broke, how do we shut off water quickly to eliminate the cascading rain going down through all the floors. So knowing where the water main is, first and foremost.

If you are in the city and you're going to install a piece of high efficiency equipment, usually that means that it's going to vent outside, so you have to be careful of the venting and the discharge of products and combustion. You have to be real careful of that.

If you're looking at a larger building where there are tenants living, if you had a condo association, people are going to tend to do renovations more. People are going to tend to maybe move some things around. Water gets shut off during these renovations and sometimes when you come home you turn your faucet on and it starts to throw a lot of air out of the faucet. It can be very disturbing. The biggest thing that I find in buildings is that a toilet overflows and it starts to rain downstairs into somebody else's bathroom. That's the biggest thing that we find.

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