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Portal 2 Walkthrough / Chapter 1 - Part 3: Room 02/19

Check out this Portal 2 walkthrough and beat Chapter 1 - Part 3: Room 02/19 with this online demo.


Man 1: If the Earth is currently governed by a manner of animal king, sentient cloud or other governing body that either refuses to, or is incapable of listening to reason ...

Man 2: Hey, hey, you made it! There should be a portal device on that podium over there. I can't see it though, maybe it fell off. Do you wanna go have a quick look?

Oh, hello, can you see the portal gun? Also, are you alive? That's important, I should have asked that first. Um, do you know what I'm gonna do? I gonna work on the assumption that you're still alive, and I'm just gonna wait for you up ahead. I'll wait, I'll wait one hour, then I'll come back and assuming I can locate your dead body, I'll bury you. All right? Brilliant. Go team, see you in an hour hopefully, if you're not dead.

Man 1: Some emergency testing may require prolonged interaction with lethal military androids. Rest assured that all lethal military androids have been taught to read and provided with one copy of the "Laws of Robotics," to share.

But if you feel that a lethal military android has not respected your rights, as detailed in the "Laws of Robotics," please note it on your self reporting form. A future Aperture Science Entitlement associate will initiate the appropriate grievance filing paperwork.

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