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Portal 2 Walkthrough / Chapter 1 - Part 8: You Monster

Check out this Portal 2 walkthrough and beat Chapter 1 - Part 8: You Monster with this online demo.


Man: Toto to bring you up speed to something right now. In order to escape, we're gonna have to go through her chamber and she will probably kill us, if-if she's awake. You wanted to just call it quits, we could just sit here forever. That's an option. Option A, sit here, do nothing. Option B, go through there and if she's alive she'll almost certainly kill us.

OK, I'm gonna lay the cards on the table. I don't wanna do it, I don't wanna go in there. Don't, don't go in there! She's off, she's off! Don't panic over, she's off. All fine. Time to go.

There she is. What a nasty piece of work she was, honestly. A proper maniac. You know who ended up purging her, who ended up taking it down? You're not gonna believe this. A human. I know, I know! I wouldn't have believe either. Apparently this human escaped and nobody's seen him since. Bit of a sort long chunk of time where absolutely nothing happened and then there's also escaping there so that's pretty much the whole story. That's it. Don't touch anything.

OK, down these stairs. Jump! This--actually, look at it, that's is quite, oh that's quite a distance, isn't it?

Ahh! Oh, still held. Still being held. That's a great job. You've applied the grip, we're all fine. That's tremendous.

Ahh! Just sorry, I just looked down. I do not recommend it. Ahh! I looked down again.

This is the main breaker room. Look for a switch that says Escape Pod. All right, don't touch anything else. Don't touch anything else. Don't touch anything else. Don't you even look at anything else. Just, well obviously, you gotta look at everything else to find escape pod, but as soon as you look to something and it doesn't say Escape Pod, look at something else. Look at the next thing, all right? But don't touch anything else or look in. We're looking at other things but don't. You understand? Can you see anywhere? I can't see anywhere. Ahh tell you what, plug me in and I'll turn the lights on.

Let there be light. That's God, quoting God. Oh, look at that! It's turning. Ominous. But it'll be fine as long as it start you know moving up.
Now! Escape pod. Escape pod. This is moving up. Okay, okay. No don't worry, don't worry. I've got, I've got it. This should slow it down. No, it makes it go faster. Uh oh!

Robot Male Voice: Power up initiated.

Man: OK, don't panic! All right, stop panicking. I can, I can still stop this. There's a password. It's fine. I'll just hack it. Not a problem.

A, A, A, A, A

A, A, A, A, A

Wait, did you just beat the power heads? Not right in this thing.

Robot Male Voice: Power up complete.

Man: I know! OK, OK, listen. All right, new plan. Act natural, act natural. Do nothing. Hello!

Robot Female: Oh, it's you.

Man: You know her?

Robot Female: It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead, you know, after you murdered me.

Man: You did what? Ahh!

Oh no! No, no, no! Oh no, no, no, no, no! Ahh!

Robot Female: OK, look, we both said a lot of things that you're going to regret but I think we can put our differences behind us. For science, you monster. I will say though that since you went to all the trouble of waking me up, you must really, really love to test. I love it too. There's just one small thing we need to take care off first.

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