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How to Blow Glass with Ed Donovan

Learn about Ed Donovan, one of Howcast's glassblowing experts, in this video.


Hi . My name is Ed Donovan. I am here at DC GlassWorks . You can find us at . We are a public access glassblowing facility . We also do metal and metal casting and welding . We are primarily a teaching facility. We want to share with people the magic of glassblowing. It's an amazing substance. I came down to Washington quite a while ago. I had got comfortable with my career and was kind of getting bored going home and watching T.V. So I was looking for a place to learn how to deal with stained glass and when I found these guys on the web I came over here to talk to them about it and realized very quickly that I was probably at the wrong place to do that, and talking to the guys who were working here told that me that they taught glass blowing and I was like "Wow! I should take them up on that." I took the class and haven't looked back since. It's been an amazing journey. I absolutely love working with glass and the ability to create just about anything you want with that material, and so today I am going to be talking about the glassblowing.

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