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Is Glassblowing School Necessary?

Learn from expert Ed Donovan if glassblowing school is necessary in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Ed Donovan I'm here at DC GlassWorks. You can find us at We are a public access glass blowing facility, we also do metal and metal-casting and welding. We are primarily a teaching facility. We want to share with people the magic of glass blowing. It is an amazing substance and today I'm gonna be talking to you about glass-blowing. So do you need to go to class or glass-blowing school in order to be a glass blower? Yeah, kind of. Um, there's not a lot of common sources of information for glass and it's certainly not a natural material to work with. It's blazing hot. Um, it takes, uh, a little bit of information to get to know the material. You want some tricks. You want some tips, um, from an instructor. Regardless of whether it's a university or a more informal setting like we provide here at DC GlassWorks, uh, you don't have to spend a lot of money learning how to blow glass, uh, but you definitely want somebody sharing with you the ideas that make glass blowing the very basic understood - the basic understandings you want to get from somebody. Uh, trying to figure it out on your own would be really prohibitively expensive. Um, it would take you quite a bit of time and I think you would get very frustrated, uh, not having any idea of what you're supposed to be doing. Uh, so just even just a six-week basic course or, uh, we offer weekend workshops, in which we teach you the basics. After that, you can come in and experiment; have fun with it. It's an amazing material. Um, you don't have to learn a whole lot from a university or a structured course, but it's really important to get the very basics so you have an understanding of how to use the tools; how to use the glory hole; how to use all of the varying things that make glass blowing possible. Um, I think without that basic knowledge you'd be kinda lost.

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