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How to Lose Weight on The Best Life Diet

Learn how to lose weight on The Best Life Diet from Carolyn Dean, M.D. in this video from Howcast.


Hello, my name is Carolyn Dean, I'm a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor and I live in beautiful Maui. I've finished my 22nd health book, I have a free newsletter and I also have an online wellness program that you can join. And today in this series I'll be talking about dieting.

The Best Life diet is more of a plan or a program and I do like the sound of it. It's [um] Bob Green. He's an exercise physiologist who, who's Oprah's trainer and it's got a lot of good aspects. Bob Green looks at your diet. He looks at exercise. He does look at the emotions which a lot of other diets don't. He has, on his website, something called an activity monitor, a hunger scale that you can look at. He has support on the website and his diet is very wholesome. Lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, low to moderate fats but i run into some problems with his approach because [um] he's taken a lot of corporate sponsorship from, from companies like McDonalds who want people to go into the McDonalds, yes, to eat their salads but they're gonna eat all the other bad things too.

Now maybe i shouldn't be so fanatic because what Bob Green has done is he's allowed people who eat not so well and he's taken them, holding them by the hand and bringing them into, to a better diet and, and better activity, and better lifestyle. So, on the whole, i think he's got a good approach but maybe you don't have to eat all the foods that he puts his [uh] stamp of approval on.

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