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How to Lose Weight on The Fat Smash Diet

Learn how to lose weight on The Fat Smash Diet from Carolyn Dean, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Hello, my name is Carolyn Dean, I'm a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor and I live in beautiful Maui. I've finished my 22nd health book, I have a free newsletter and I also have an online wellness program that you can join. And today in this series I'll be talking about dieting. The Fat Smash Diet is definitely a celebrity diet. Um, Dr. Ian K Smith ah, came up with this diet in coordination with a phone series. I keep calling it the celebrity fat club, but it's supposed to be the celebrity fit club. It's a 90 day diet and I guess it was because that was the duration of the series, I don't know. Because it, it didn't it didn't make very much sense to me exactly what he was eliminating and what he was including. The first ah, part of the diet it's um, fruits and vegetables and not much else. Little bits of this and that, I couldn't really make sense of it. I, he is trying to reduce fats, that's obvious. Ah, when someone puts egg whites in the diet you know their avoiding the egg yolk, which is fatty, but it's so healthy. That I, I really don't like the diets that eliminate so much fat, that they eliminate good fat as well. I don't know if he's down to a 10% fat, but it's more like a 15, 20% fat. And that's quite low. The second phase of the diet he add certain foods. He's even adding diet soda, which I'm not in favor of. Because we all know now from the studies on diet soda, that the aspartame diet soda actually stimulates your cravings. So it, you gain weight on diet soda, so it's best just to stay away from that. There's a lot of franchising involved with his diet. It is as I mentioned a celebrity diet, it's a high protein, low fat. And it's um, it's really a diet where your watching the celebrities gain or loose and if, if your dieting depends on their outcome then your really not focused in the right direction.

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