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How to Lose Weight on the Zone

Learn how to lose weight on The Zone from Carolyn Dean, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Hello, my name is Carolyn Dean, I'm a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor and I live in beautiful Maui. I've finished my 22nd health book, I have a free newsletter and I also have an online wellness program that you can join. And today in this series I'll be talking about dieting.

The Zone diet, it's an interesting diet, it came along in 1955. I think it was an, an answer to the high protein Atkins diet. Dr. Barry Sears, a biochemist, um began studying the relationship of the protein, carbohydrates and fats one to another. He felt that if you ate all three food groups in every meal, then you would allow your insulin levels to be balanced. Um, when you eat just a carbohydrate meal, or drink a soda with ten teaspoons of sugar, your blood sugar soars, your insulin comes out, drops your blood sugar, puts half of it away into storage, and into fat storage. And, uh, Barry Sears felt that if you could keep your insulin at a low level by not allowing it to surge, then you wouldn't be storing fat. It was a good idea, but then comes the problem because he tried to put the foods into different blocks and measure them and weigh them and tell you exactly how much you needed to eat in every meal. And it became very rigid, very confusing for a lot of people, required a lot of organization, certainly required um, something to measure your, your food on. People could get used to um, what to use, but in eating out it became difficult. Even so, the Zone is a, ia a very well known diet. It's got a lot of byproducts, a lot of Zone bars, and Zone foods, um, a lot of people still follow it. It is balanced in the sense that it's allowing all three food groups, so that I think people who tend toward vegetarianism or high protein can find some sort of balance in the Zone diet. So I, I'd say it was um, a beneficial diet if, if people can master exactly what they're supposed to eat.

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