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Portal 2 Walkthrough / Chapter 4 - Part 1: Room 18/22

Check out this Portal 2 walkthrough and beat Chapter 4 - Part 1: Room 18/22 with this online demo.


GLaDOS: Initiating surprise in three, two, one. I made it all up. Surprise! Oh come on, if it makes you feel any better they abandoned you at birth. So, I very seriously doubt they'd even want to see you. I feel awful about that surprise. Tell you what, let's give your parents a call right now.

Voice on Answering Machine: The parents you are trying to reach do not love you. Please hang up.

GLaDOS: Oh that's sad, but impressive. Maybe they worked at the phone company.

Wheatley: Hey, how's it going? I talked my way onto the old nanobot worker crew rebuilding this shaft. They are really small. Oh, I know Jerry. No I'm on a break, mate, on a break. Ow! Just hang in there for five more... What, Jerry, you can't fire me for that! Yes, Jerry, or maybe your prejudiced work site should have accommodated a nanobot of my size. Thanks for the hate crime, Jer. See you in court mate. Anyway, look, just hang in there for five more chambers.

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