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How to Say "Years" in Spanish

Learn how to say "years" in Espanol from Spanish teacher Felipe Bonilla in this Howcast video.


How to say 'years' in Spanish: Anos. Repeat after me: Anos. The sound there, for the N is 'N'. You'll hear in some parts of South America, some people saying 'anos', but mostly, the most commonly used way to say 'years' is 'anos'.

For example, if you want something like 'She is 25 years old', you would say, "Ella tiene 25 anos." Go ahead, try it. Repeat after me: Ella tiene 25 anos. Also, if you want to ask the question, 'How old are you?' in Spanish, you would say, "?Cuantos anos tienes?" Go ahead, try it. If you want to say 'I am 20 years old', you could say, "Yo tengo 20 anos." Let's go ahead and try it. ?Cuantos anos tienes? Yo tengo 20 anos.

Excellent. That's how to say 'years' in Spanish.

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