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How to Say "You're Welcome" in Spanish

Learn how to say "you're welcome" in Espanol from Spanish teacher Felipe Bonilla in this Howcast video.


How to say 'You're Welcome' in Spanish: De nada. 2 words, 'de' and 'nada'.

If someone says to you, "Gracias," you should say, "De nada." Repeat after me: De nada. Let's try it: Gracias. De nada. Another way of saying 'You're welcome' in Spanish is 'A la orden'. That's 3 words: 'A' as in just the letter A, then 'la', and then the word, 'orden'. When someone says to you, "Muchas gracias," you would say, "A la orden." Repeat after me: A la orden.

Let's try it. Muchas gracias. What about if I just say, "Gracias"? De nada; very good. You can say 'De nada', or 'A la orden'. Those are 2 different ways to say 'You're welcome' in Spanish.

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