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How to Say "What's Up?" in Spanish

Learn how to say "What's Up?" in Espanol from Spanish teacher Felipe Bonilla in this Howcast video.


How to say 'What's up', in Spanish. ?Que mas? Go ahead, try it. That's one way. Another way is '?Que hubo?' Repeat after me: ?Que hubo?

You also have a different way of saying 'What's up' in Spanish, and that's '?Como vas?' If you want to be a little formal with it, you can say '?Como va?' without the 'S'. Try it.

Another way of saying 'What's up' in Spanish is, '?Que onda?' Try it. The final way to say 'What's up' in Spanish, is '?Y entonces?' 'Y', and then another word, 'entonces' Try it. Repeat after me: ?Y entonces?

Let's try these. Repeat after me: ?Que mas? ?Que hubo? ?Como vas? ?Y entonces? ?Que onda? Those are 5 different ways to say 'What's up' in Spanish.

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