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How to Say "What Is Your Name?" in Spanish

Learn how to say "What Is Your Name?" in Espanol from Spanish teacher Felipe Bonilla in this Howcast video.


How to say 'What is your name?' in Spanish. ?Como te llamas? That's pretty friendly, so let's try it. ?Como te llamas? You would say, "Me llamo Carlos", or "Me llamo Pedro." Let's try it. Ask me. Me llamo Felipe.

The formal way to ask somebody what their name is in Spanish is, '?Como se llama?' Instead of using 'te' in the middle there, you would use 'se'. ?Como se llama? Try it. Good. Repeat after me: ? Como se llama?

We have '?Como te llamas?' which is friendly, and then for in a business setting, you would use the second one, really, which is '?Como se llama?' Those are two different ways to say 'What is your name?' in Spanish; one being friendly, and the other one being a little bit more formal.

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