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Portal 2 Walkthrough / Chapter 5 - Part 1: She Can't Touch Us Back Here

Check out this Portal 2 walkthrough and beat Chapter 5 - Part 1: She Can't Touch Us Back Here with this online demo.


Ah! Brilliant. You made it through. Well done. Okay, follow me. We still got work to do. At least she can't touch us back here. What's happening? Okay, okay, don't move. Okay all right, so I've got an idea, but it is bloody dangerous. Here we go.

Oh, for God's . . . They told me that if I ever turn this flashlight on I would die. They told me that about everything. I don't even know why they bother giving me this stuff if I'm not supposed to use it. It's pointless! Mad!

Oh, it's dark down here, isn't it? They say that the old caretaker of this place went absolutely crazy. Chopped up his entire staff. The robots, all of the robots. They say at night you can still hear the screams of their replicas, all of them functionally indistinguishable from the originals. No memory of the incident. Nobody knows what they are screaming about. Absolutely terrifying, though, obviously, not paranormal in any meaningful way.

Try to jump across! Let's keep moving. The factory entrance must be around here somewhere. Careful! Careful! Wait. Careful, let me light this jump for you. Okay, this looks dangerous. I'll hold the light steady. Oh, nicely done! Quick. This way!

Here's an interesting story. You might like this. I almost got a job down here in manufacturing, but guess who the foreman went with? Only an exact duplicate of himself, nepotism. Ended up giving me the worst possible job, tending to all the smelly humans. Sorry, that's . . . smelly . . . just tending to the humans. Sorry about that, that just slipped out. A bit insensitive, smelly humans.

Okay, we have to split up here for a moment. Portal up to that passage and I'll see you on the other side. We've got to get you out of that room. Can you reach that wall back there? Okay, there's another wall over here.

I'll tell you, humans, oh, love them. Just the way they look. It's great. And their folklore, wonderful and very colorful.

Right, well, I'm going to take this route down the back way. See you at the bottom. Good luck!

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