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Portal 2 Walkthrough / Chapter 5 - Part 3: The Neurotoxin Generator

Check out this Portal 2 walkthrough and beat Chapter 5 - Part 3: The Neurotoxin Generator with this online demo.


Wheatley: Ha! I knew we were going the right way. This is the neurotoxin generator. Bit bigger than I expected. Not going to just be able to just, you know, push it over. Have to apply some cleverness. There's some sort of control room up at the top, so let's go and investigate. Ha, there's our handiwork. I shouldn't laugh really. They do feel pain of a sort. It's all simulated, you know, but real enough for them I suppose.


Wheatley: I'm afraid the door's locked. Just checked it. No way to hack it as far as I can tell. Mechanism must . . . Oh, now, look at that. That's a big laser. Probably best to ignore it, though. Just leave it be. We don't know where those panels it's cutting are going. Could be somewhere important. Although, it does give me an idea. What if we stand here and let the gentle hum of the laser transport us to a state of absolute relaxation? Might help us think of a way to open the door. It's not much of a plan, if I'm honest, but I'm afraid it's all we've got at this point, barring there's some barrage of speech from your direction. Improbable, [inaudible 01:45]. What are you doing? We don't know what that . . . Oh, the door's open. Well done. Let's see what's inside.

Good news, I can use this equipment to shut down the neurotoxin system. It is, however, password protected. Ah, alarm bells. No, don't worry, all right?. Not a problem for me. You may as well have a little rest actually while I work on it. Okay, here we go. The hardest part of any hack is the figuring out how to start things. That's always tricky, but let the games begin. All right, what have we got? A computer. Not a surprise, to be expected, to be honest. Check that off the list. Computer identified, tick. There is a box part here. Electronics in there and a monitor, yes. [inaudible 02:36] identified or something like that. And there's a flat bit, not sure what that is, but noted. If anyone says to me, "Is there a flat bit?" "Yes, there it is." Spinning thing. I'm not sure [inaudible 02:55] Do you know what? It's holding everything up. Holding everything up. The floor is important. Holding everything up. Pens. Might need those. Let's see [inaudible 03:08] Do you smell neurotoxin? Hold on, the neurotoxin levels are going down. So whatever you're doing, keep doing it. Hold on, something's wrong, neurotoxin levels are to 50%. No it's down 50%. Sorry, my mistake. I meant to say it's down 50%. It's good news. Carry on.

It's still going down. Don't stop. Keep it up. That did it. Neurotoxin at 0%, yes, hold on.

Computer: Warning. Neurotoxin pressure has reached dangerously un-lethal levels.

Wheatley: Ha! The tube's broken. We can ride it straight to her. I can't hold on. Come on. This should take us right to her. I can't believe I'm finally doing this. Woo! I knew this would be fun. They told me it wasn't fun at all. So they said, "It's not fun at all. " And I believed them. I don't know [inaudible 04:34]. I'm loving this, whale of a time. This place is huge and we're only seeing the top layer. It goes down for miles. All sealed off years ago, of course. We should be getting close. Oh, I can't wait to see the look on her face. No neurotoxin, no Taurus [SP] . She'll never know what hit her. Hold on, hold on. Because I might not have thought this next part through. Ah! I'm going the wrong way. Get to her. I'll find you.

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