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Portal 2 Walkthrough / Chapter 8 - Part 3: Room 02/19

Check out this Portal 2 walkthrough and beat Chapter 8 - Part 3: Room 02/19 with this online demo.


Female: I'd love to help you solve the test, but I can't, sorry. You're on your own.

Male: Yeah, made this test myself out of all smaller tests that I found lying around. Jammed them all together, buttons, got funnels, bottomless pits are involved, it's got it all. It's got it all, absolute dynamite. All right, okay, this is taking too long, okay. I'll just tell you how to solve the test, okay? See that button over there? All right, you just....ah!

Female: That's why I can't help you solve the tests.

Male: Never mind. Never mind, solve it yourself. You're on your own. Oh yes. Well done.

Female: Thanks. All you had to do was pull that lever.

Male: What? Well no, you press a....agh!

Female: I know we're in a lot of trouble and probably about to die, but that was worth it.

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