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Portal 2 Walkthrough / Chapter 9 - Part 1: Room 17/19

Check out this Portal 2 walkthrough and beat Chapter 9 - Part 1: Room 17/19 with this online demo.


Man: I'll bet you're both dying to know what your big surprise is. Well, only two more chambers.

Female: We're running out of time. I think I can break us out of here in the next chamber. Just play along.

Man: Surprise! We're doing it now.

Female: Okay. Credit where it's due. For a little idiot told specifically to come up with stupid remarkable [SP] plans, that was a pretty well-laid trap.

Man: You've probably figured it out by now, but I don't need you anymore. I found two little robots out here built specifically for testing.

Female: Oh no. You've [inaudible 00:00:45 testing initiative. It's something I came up with to phase out human testing just before you escaped. It wasn't anything personal, just, you know, you did kill me. There's that. Ahh. Well, this is the part where he kills us. Man: Hello! This is the part where I kill you. Had a bit of a brainwave. There I was, smashing some steel plates together. And I thought to myself, "Yea, he's deadly. But what's missing? What's missing?" And I thought lots of sharp bits welded onto the front. It's still a work in progress. Don't judge me yet but, you know, eventually I'd like to get them to sort of shoot fire at you moments before crushing you. So that's what I'm aiming for. But, you know, small steps. Oh, don't bother trying to portal out of here because it's impossible. Okay? I've thought of everything. Female: Hold on. Couldn't we just use that conversion gel? Man: What? Female: Conversion gel. It's dripping out that pipe there. Man: No, no I don't think it is. I think you're wrong Female: Yes! It is. We can use it to get out of here. Man: Really? And do what? No! No, no, no, no. Don't do that. Stand right here, stand. Come back, come back! No, seriously, do come back. Come back, please! Okay look, I've decided I'm not going to kill you, okay if you come back. Oh, just thinking back to the old times, to the old days when we were friends. Good old friends, not enemies. I would always say something like, "Come back," and you'd be like "Yeah! No problem," and you'd come back. What happened to those days? I can't help but notice that you're not coming back. It is disappointing. Oh! I've got an idea. Yes! Yes! Saving your face like your mother [SP]. Fine. Let the games begin.

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