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How to Blow Glass with Todd Hansen

Learn about Todd Hansen, one of Howcast's glassblowing experts, in this video.


Hello, my name is Todd Hansen and we're here at the Art of Fire Contemporary Glass Blowing Studio in Laytonsville, Maryland. We are at It's a family owned business. My mother and her husband have been in the business with The Art of Fire for twenty-seven years now. I helped build the studio and construct all the equipment and we've got a nice business going here. We have several work stations where we do production work for galleries around the country. We also teach glass blowing and we rent time to other glass artists. I've been a glass blower for about twelve years now and I've got several different lines of glass work that I work on. There are three of us here full time that teach and work and we do pretty well, bouncing ideas off of each other and we've got a really nice product line. And I'll be talking to you about glass blowing.

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