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How to Dress for a Glassblowing Class

Learn how to dress for a glassblowing class from expert Todd Hansen in this Howcast video.


Hello, my name is Todd Hansen. We are here at the Art of Fire Contemporary Glass Blowing Studio in Laytonsville, Maryland. We're at I've been a glass blower for about twelve years now. I've got several different lines of glasswork that I work on, and I will be talking to you about glassblowing If you're gonna be working in a glass studio I would recommend finding some clothes you're really comfortable, made of cotton, without logos. Nylon clothing, synthetic clothes, they may be comfortable but the worst thing that can possibly happen to you is, God forbid, something pops off the iron, and starts burning into your clothing. That's gonna melt, it's gonna melt into your skin, it's gonna be a really painful burn. Long pants versus shorts are a really good idea, The last thing you want, if you knock a piece of the iron, is for a piece of glass to go flying through the air and land in your sock or your boot. So long pants are really good, it keeps you from burning your legs. I'd also stay away from sandals, open toed shoes and things that have open, exposed heels and toes are a really bad idea. You don't want hot glass stripping in your toes and getting wedged between the sole of your foot and top of your sandal. That's a really painful burn. It takes a while to kick the sandal off or trow your foot in a bucket of water and hopefully you've gotten it taken care of. So, long pants, cotton clothing, stay away from synthetics and don't wear sandals and you should be all right.

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