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How to Take Advantage of Your Boss Being on Vacation

When the boss is away, it's your time to play! You won't get caught if you follow these steps.


  • Step 1: Forward your office calls If there's any chance your boss might check up on you by calling your work number, have office calls forwarded to your cellphone so you won't get caught AWOL.
  • Step 2: Cover yourself Pretend-complain to office tattletales that your boss has you running personal errands while they're on vacation, so no one suspects that you're actually goofing off.
  • Step 3: Enjoy double lunch hours Indulge in double lunch hours -- one that you take at your desk, indulging in online distractions, and one that you enjoy out of the office.
  • TIP: Have a drink at lunch, unless your job involves public safety.
  • Step 4: Finish your to-do list Get caught up on your to-do list. Now's the time to take care of any personal business you can't address when the boss is around.
  • Step 5: Tackle a project Tackle one project that isn’t too taxing but will make your boss really happy. With any luck, they won't notice that it was just about the only thing you accomplished while they were gone.
  • FACT: Some studies have found that workers are more productive when their boss goes on vacation, because being micro-managed isn't slowing them down.

You Will Need

  • Call forwarding
  • Cover story
  • Double lunch hours
  • Personal projects
  • Work project
  • Lunchtime cocktails (optional)
  • Friends

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