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How to Do a Fingerboarding Shuvit with a Tech Deck

Learn how to do the tech deck trick known as the shuvit in this Howcast video.


Shuvit is one of the first tricks you want to learn when you first decide you want to learn fingerboarding because its certainly one of the easiest tricks and it helps you get a lot of control over your fingerboard when you first start. The trick involves spinning the board 180 degrees. Now your hand does not move at all during this trick. In rotation, it stays flat with the board. To do the shuvit, you want to place your hand on the fingerboard with your back finger right on the tip of the tail, and your front finger right behind the front 4 bolts. You want to do a scissor kick motion with your finger, back towards you, and that's gonna make the board spin 180 degrees. One of the most difficult things about learning the pop shuvit, after learning the shuvit, is how to pop the board off of the ground. Now, like the shuvit, you are still spinning the board 180 degrees, but with this trick, you are actually popping the board into the air, catching it, and then rolling away. A lot of people are frustrated because they can only spin it on the ground and not actually get it into the air. The way to do this is you have to snap the back of your board off of the ground and if you don't hear it snapping on the table, then you're not popping it hard enough. The finger positioning for the pop shuvit is your front finger right behind the front 4 bolts and your back finger right behind the back 4 bolts. You can really keep your back finger where ever feels comfortable, but I like to keep mine right behind the back 4 bolts, but some people like to put it all the way at the tip. Once you pop it off the ground, that will get it into the air. You can guide it by turning your wrist slightly as it begins turning, and once it comes around, try to catch it in the air. Catching it means stop it from rotating with your 2 fingers and then bring it back to the ground and ride away. And that's how you do the fingerboard pop shuvit.

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