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Tech Deck Fingerboarding Basics

Learn tech deck basics in this Howcast video.


One of the first questions everyone has is how you position your hand on the board and if you ever search fingerboarding on the internet, sometimes you see people with their hands flat on the fingerboard or maybe with their third ring finger curled. What does it all mean?

Well, in fingerboarding, just like with skateboarding, there is style. So, you can actually do with whichever way is most for you. But, a lot of people choose to get that third finger out of the way or just keep their hand flat. So, it really just comes down to what's more comfortable and what you see as more stylish.

Another important basic to know about fingerboarding is the speed at which you approach the obstacles. Most people when they start out fingerboarding, they do it quick and choppy and try to hop onto the obstacles very quickly. Really, with fingerboarding, it is all about mimicking skateboarding, trying to create the same flow, trying to do tricks with the same speed, and try to make tricks as realistic as possible.

A lot of fingerboarders when they first start out, always seem to try to go for the ollie or try to land the kick flip right away and they just can't seem to get it, they get frustrated, and they give up. To that, I say, you have to start small. You have to start with the pop shoving, get control of the fingerboard, learn how to position your fingers in a way that is comfortable. And you have to practice. That's what it really all comes down to. If you want to learn complicated tricks, like the heel flip, the kick flip, even the tray flip, you have to start with the basics.

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