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Fingerboarding vs. Skateboarding

Learn about the connection between fingerboarding and skateboarding in this Howcast video.


One of the great things about fingerboarding is how much it shares in common with skateboarding. All the tricks are done the exact same way. The only this is, you don't have the fear factor you have in skateboarding and you don't exactly have to balance so much. So, it allows you to really experiment with different types of tricks when you're fingerboarding, figure out how they're done, how fast the board flips, how quickly you need to catch tricks, and then, you can go out and try that on your skateboard since they're done, really, the same way. I would definitely suggest someone learning to skateboard first because they you have a general idea of how fingerboarding works. But then, if you want to take your skateboarding even further and learn advanced tricks, it's very helpful to use fingerboarding as a way to understand those more advanced tricks and apply them to your skateboarding. The similarity between skateboarding and fingerboarding is not only with the tricks, but also with the equipment itself because, with me, I prefer wide skateboards just like, and that actually carried over to fingerboarding because, since I was riding wider and wider skateboards, I figured, 'hey, maybe I'd prefer wider fingerboards.' And once I did go to a 32 millimeter fingerboard I really enjoyed it so, I have skateboarding to thank for that.

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