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How to Do a Fingerboarding Ollie with a Tech Deck

Learn how to do a tech deck ollie in this Howcast video.


Now this is one of the first tricks that people wanna learn on a fingerboard when they first start doing it because it essentially gets you jumping over objects and it also helps you learn how to do slides and grinds. To do an ollie, you wanna place your hand on the fingerboard with your front finger right behind the front 4 bolts and your back finger right behind the back 4 bolts. To get the board into the air, you wanna pop down on the tail while sliding your front finger up towards the front of the board. This motion together will get your board up into the air. Its popping your tail on the ground that lifts the board into the air and when you slide up, that levels it out, and then bring it back down to the ground. Problems most people have with the ollie is not getting it into the air and this is caused by not popping the tail hard enough on the ground. Instead, you want to do a much more fluid movement rather than a quick choppy one. When you first learn the ollie, its helpful if you have an object to jump over, so you can actually visualize something in your way and so you want to pop the board over that object. Like a fingerboard for example. Once you feel comfortable with the ollie, there's a few variations you can do with it. The first is learning how to 180 ollie. So instead of ollieing straight, you actually ollie and turn the board 180 degrees with your hand. Once you learn to ollie in the regular stance, then you can learn in 3 other stances. Nollie, switch, and fakey. They're all done the same way as an ollie is, you're just moving in a different direction and popping off a different tail. For nollie, your popping off the front of your board as you're moving forward. For fakey, your moving backwards and popping off the front of the board as well, and for switch, you're popping off the tail of the bored as you're going backwards. And that is the ollie.

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