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How to Do a Fingerboarding Kickflip with a Tech Deck

Learn how to do the tech deck trick known as the kickflip in this Howcast video.


The kickflip is typically the next trick you learn after perfecting the ollie. It's done much the same way, where you pop the back of your board off the ground, and slide your front finger up. Now, instead of sliding your front finger up to the middle of the board and leveling it out - instead, you'll be kicking your finger to the side of the board and rotate completely, catch it, and land.

The problem a lot of people run into when they're first learning to do the kickflip is not being able to rotate the board and get the board off the ground. If this is the problem that you're running into, you'll wanna make sure you can get your ollies at least a couple of inches off the ground before you start learning the kickflip. Once you can do that, if you're having trouble rotating the board completely, you need to make sure you're kicking the corner of the fingerboard hard enough to make sure it's flipping.

Once you learn how to do the kickflip, you can start doing it in the three other stances. The switch flip, just like with the regular kickflip, is done the exact same way. You pop the board off the tail and flick off with your middle finger. The only difference is that you'll be rolling this way, rather than to your left. An ollie flip is done much the same way as a kickflip is done, except you'll be popping off the front of your board and flipping with your back middle finger. For a fakey flip, you'll be moving to your right, and popping with your middle finger and flicking with your back pointer finger.

When learning any type of kickflip, it helps if you can pop the board higher into the air because this gives you more time to catch the board. And that's how you kickflip on a fingerboard.

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