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How to Do a Varial Kickflip & Heelflip on a Tech Deck

Learn to do the tech deck tricks known as the varial kickflip and heelflip in this Howcast video.


These tricks are really a combination of two basic tricks. The Pop-shove-it and the kick flip and the pop-shove-it and a heal flip. It involves doing a kick flip while doing a pop-shove-it. So you'll be popping the board 180 degrees while flicking it so it doesn't kick flip as well. To do the varial kick flip, you wanna pop the board with your back finger in a scooping motion while flicking the front of the board with your front finger. This will make the board spin and rotate at the same time. Once the board is finished rotating and flipping, you want to catch it with your two fingers, land and roll away. And that's the varial kick flip. Now to do the varial heel flip, the finger position is pretty much the exact same for just a regular heel flip but backwards. So you'll be flipping the board like you do with a heel flip with your front finger going away from you, making the board spin away from you but at the same time you want to bring your finger around making the board do a shove-it towards you while it's rotating. A variation of the varial heel flip is a trick called a big heel flip. To do a big flip you want to do a varial kick flip, land, and do another 180. Just like with the big flip, it helps if you land a varial heel flip flat and then re-vert the last 180 and as you get more comfortable with it, you can actually catch the board in the air and do the rotation before you land the board. And that's how you do a varial kick flip and varial heel flip on a fingerboard.

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