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How to Do a Fingerboarding Hardflip on a Tech Deck

Learn how to do the tech deck trick known as the hardflip in this Howcast video.


A hardflip is essentially a frontside kickflip, but without turning your hand with the board as it spins. So, the board still does a kickflip coming at you, but your hand does not follow along for the 180 degrees. Only your board will be spinning during this trick, not your hand. So finger positioning for the hardflip is your back finger square against square against the tail, just like you would for a regular kickflip. And your front finger right behind the front iii. Now, the only difference between this trick and a regular kickflip, for example, is the way you flick your front finger. Now, in this case, your front finger will flick right at you, so it flips the board and spins it towards you. When you're learning the hardflip, it might be easier if you peel your hand back a little bit more to allow the board to come back with your hand. Um, if you try to stay on top of the board as it's spinning, it might be a little difficult to get it all the way around. So, by peeling your hand back just a little bit, it lets the board do its 180 rotation. And then you can bring your hand back, catch it, and roll it iii. A variation of the hard flip is a trick called a ghetto bird. This trick is basically a hardflip, catch it, and rotate it backside 180. You do this trick all in the air. So, again, you do a hardflip. And as you catch it, you can even turn your whole body to help you turn your fingers as you're rotating the trick. And that's how you do the hardflip on a fingerboard.

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