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How to Combine Tech Deck Tricks on a Fingerboard

Learn how to combine tech deck tricks into advanced tricks in this Howcast video.


The great thing about fingerboarding is, just like with skateboarding, you can combine different tricks to create new tricks. For example, you can take an ollie 360 flip, add a revert to it, and you have an ollie bigger flip. Or, you can do any trick in any stance, add any type of rotation to it, and you're almost guaranteed to have a brand new, creative trick to add to your list. Now if you wanna learn to combine tricks, obviously the best way to start is by learning the basic tricks and just master them. Practice them over and over again until you have them down pat. So, if you wanna learn, for example, 360 kick flips, with a full hand rotation, you wanna learn 360 ollies, you wanna learn kick flips, and you wanna learn backside flips, for example. So take any complicated trick, break it down into its different, most basic parts, master those parts, and you should have no problem learning any type of combination.

Another way of creating advanced tricks is to take flip tricks and, instead of just flipping them just once, flip them twice. For example, you could take a kick flip, which flips single time, you catch it and land it, and instead of just flipping it just once, you flip it twice, creating a double kick flip. Add a backside 180 to that trick, and then you have a backside double kick flip. And that's how you combine tricks to create advanced fingerboard tricks.

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