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How to Do Basic Tech Deck Slides

Learn how to do basic tech deck slides in this Howcast video.


Now, slides are any trick where you hop up onto an obstacle, whether it's by an ollie, or any flip trick, and land on any part of your board, as opposed to grinds, where you land on your trucks. So you can land anywhere in the middle of your board, on the nose of your board, or the tip of your board. So some common slide tricks are you backside board slide you ollie up, and land on the middle of your board, slide and then land. The flip side, where you start on the other side of the rail, ollie up and your back trucks go over the rail and land in a board slide. For a tail slide, you wanna ollie up, do your ollie, turn the board towards you, lock in the tail, slide the length of the obstacle, make sure your front finger's right at the tip of the board so you have complete control of your board as you go to turn it out and land.
The best way to learn any type of slide trick is to be very good at ollies. If you can ollie, and you're comfortable with controlling the board in the air, you should have no problem being able to ollie above the obstacle, and then slap the board into any position that you prefer. Now, just like with skateboarding, there is front side and back side to every slide and grind. So, for example, with the lip slide, a trick where you ollie and get your back trucks over the obstacle and slide, that can be done both front side and back side. So this is a front side lip slide because the obstacle's in front of you, and this is a back slide lip slide because the obstacle's behind you. And that's how you do slides on a fingerboard.

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