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How to Transition Fingerboard on a Tech Deck Ramp

Learn about transition fingerboarding and tech deck ramps in this Howcast video.


Now, transition finger boarding is doing any type of trick on an obstacle such as the one I have in front of me that has transition. This one in particular is called a half-pipe. The key to learning god transition is to be able to mix up your tricks and also have your tricks flow back and forth in a line smoothly. So usually when you're starting a line, a line is doing a bunch of tricks in a row, you start with the drop in. And from there you can do any tricks that you learn in a row. There's many types of tricks you can do on a half-pipe. For example you can do rock to fakey where you ride up the wall with your front truck over the coping and back over. You could also do this going the other way switch.
Another trick you can learn is called the blunt stall. Now, the blunt is where you ride up the wall of the ramp with your back truck over the coping and pop an ollie back into the transition.
Another transition trick you can learn is the backside fifty-fifty where you go up and get both of your trucks on the coping and then turn back in. The great thing about transition finger boarding is just like with skating it's very easy to combine tricks. So you can actually combine, for example, both a blunt and a rock to fakie where you go up in a blunt and then you go to rock to fakey and back in.
So I encourage you, once you learn to do a couple of different styles mix them up and get creative.

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