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How to Do a Fingerboarding Manual on a Tech Deck

Learn how to do a tech deck manual in this Howcast video.


Now manuals in themselves are not difficult tricks. For example, a regular manual is just where you go up and balance on your back two wheels. Nose manuals are when you balance on your front wheels. Now in skateboarding this might be a difficult trick but in finger boarding there is no real balance. Now, the real difficulty with manuals comes in when you start doing flip tricks with them. A great first manual combo to start learning is kick-flip manual. So thats where you would go up, do a kick-flip, and land in a manual and ride away. Manuals aren't really just limited to kick-flips, you can do any type of flip-trick and land in a manual or nose manual. For example, another variation of a manual combo would be a heel-flip nose manual nollie shove-out. Now it might sound complicated, but really all it is, is a heel-flip landed in nose manual, and then right as your riding out, kick your front finger backwards spinning the board 180 degrees and roll away. So this opens up countless combinations of tricks you can do with manuals. And thats how you do manuals on a fingerboard.

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