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3 Tech Deck Tips for Fingerboarding

Learn the top three tech deck tips in this Howcast video.


The top tips I would give to anyone learning to fingerboard is first go on the internet and search finger-boarding on YouTube. Even if your not watching specific How-To videos, just watching how other people do tricks is very helpful. Just seeing how they place their fingers on the board, the speed at which they approach the obstacles at, and the types of tricks their doing can even give you ideas for tricks to do on your own. So, thats a great way to be inspired to learn new tricks. Another tip I'd give, um, anyone learning to fingerboard is practice. When you first start out, its very difficult; it's completely different to any other hobby out there. So it does take a lot of time and practice to learn how to do it. One instance where someone would have a tough time learning to finger board is if they didn't exactly find the right fingerboard for them to use. I mean, when I first tried it out, I would find fingerboards that I could hardly even ollie on, and then I'd buy a different one and all of a sudden I can do all these tricks. So definitely experiment with different shapes, sizes, grip tape, even try an loosening your trucks a bit, because every little thing makes a difference.

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