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How to Make Amends with Someone You've Vomited On

Losing your lunch on someone can't be fixed with a simple "Oops!" Here's how to make things right.


  • Step 1: Give them the shirt off your back Give them the shirt off your back. Yes, literally: If your vomiting left their top a stinky mess and yours untouched, give them your shirt.
  • Step 2: Clean up the mess Clean up any vomit that landed beyond their person. They shouldn’t have to deal with the collateral splatter.
  • Step 3: Pay all necessary bills Pay any necessary bills, like dry cleaning or rug cleaning. And don't just offer to pay, do it.
  • TIP: Treat them to a professional car cleaning if you threw up in their vehicle.
  • Step 4: Apologize Apologize immediately -- and profusely. Afterward, send a note and a small gift to really show your remorse. If money is tight, do them a favor instead.
  • Step 5: Don't joke about it Don't joke about the incident, ever. Trust us: The memory of you puking on them may be funny to you, but it will never be funny to them.
  • FACT: The worst sound in the world is someone vomiting, according to a survey in which people ranked 34 different sounds.

You Will Need

  • Shirt off your back
  • Clean-up
  • Financial responsibility
  • Written apology
  • Gift or favor
  • Car cleaning (optional)

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