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How to Tie a Tie (Four in Hand)

A symbol of royalty in ancient Rome, China, and Egypt, a necktie has always conferred status of some kind. Learning to properly tie the four-in-hand, or a simple knot, is a sure sign of manhood.


  • Step 1: Lift up collar Lift up the collar of your shirt.
  • Step 2: Button top button Button the top button of your shirt.
  • Step 3: Drape tie around neck Drape the tie around your neck with the wider end of the tie on your right. It should be dangling about 12 inches below the skinny end of the tie. The seam should be facing your shirt.
  • Step 4: Cross wide end over skinny end Cross the wide end of the tie toward the left over the front of the skinny end of your tie.
  • Step 5: Turn wide end underneath Turn the wide end back underneath the narrow end toward the right.
  • Step 6: Cross wide over skinny end again Again, cross the wide end over the front of the skinny end toward the left.
  • Step 7: Pull wide end underneath loop Pull the wide end of the tie up and underneath the loop around your neck with the seam facing out.
  • Step 8: Bring wide end down through knot Hold the front of the forming knot loosely with your index finger creating a space for the wide end of the tie to be brought straight down through the front of the knot, with the seam facing your shirt.
  • TIP: To create a dimple, a classic finishing touch, squeeze the bottom of the knot so the wide end of the tie is forced to fold in on itself. This dimple should be neat and centered.
  • Step 9: Tighten knot slowly Tighten the knot slowly and carefully to the collar of your shirt by holding the narrow end of the tie and sliding the knot up into position.
  • Step 10: Fold collar down & survey work Fold your collar down and survey your work: The narrow end of your tie should be hidden behind the wide end, which should fall to your beltline. Put on your jacket, and you’re ready to go.
  • FACT: Countess Mara, a famous tie designer in the 1940’s, once said, 'Tell a man you like his necktie and you will see his personality unfold like a flower.'

You Will Need

  • Necktie
  • Dress shirt
  • Mirror

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