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How Does a Tattoo Gun Work?

Learn how a tattoo gun works from the experts at Area 51 tattoo studio in this Howcast tattoo video.


Hi, my name is Chris 51. I specialize in what I like to call, hyper realism tattooing. And my name is Joshua South. I specialize in realism and surrealism tattooing. I am the head instructor here at Area 51 in Springfield, Oregon. To find out more information, visit Lets talk tattoos. Hi. I'm Joshua South and I'm here to talk with you about how a tattoo machine works. The way a tattoo machine works is basically pretty simple. Energy flows into two coils and they become magnetic. This magnetism attracts a piece of metal called an armature bar. Attached to the armature bar is a group of needles. The armature bar moves back and forth anywhere from one and a half millimeters to three and a half millimeters. The needle points are dipped into pigment and then injected into the skin at a rate of two thousand to three thousand times per minute. There are a few different types of tattoo machines. There is a rotary tattoo machine, an electromagnetic tattoo machine, and a pneumatic tattoo machine. An electromagnetic tattoo machine is driven by magnetism. A rotary tattoo machine is gear driven. And pneumatic machines are driven my air pressure. I personally use rotary tattoo machines for coloring and electromagnetic tattoo machines for lining and shading.

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