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What Is a Lip Tattoo?

Learn about lip tattoos from the experts at Area 51 tattoo studio in this Howcast tattoo video.


Hi, my name is Chris 51. I specialize in what I like to call "Hyper Realism Tattooing". And my name is Joshua South. I'm the head instructor here at Area 51 in Springfield, Oregon. To find out more information, visit Let's talk tattoos.

Hi, my name is Chris 51. I'm here to tell you about lip tattoos. Mouth tattoo isn't actually as painful as you might think, tends to heal up a little bit faster, and doesn't hurt quite as bad. Only problem is you're a little more in need of touch-ups when you're tattooing the lip. What you'e gonna get isn't gonna be very big on your lip but it is gonna be noticeable. It is a one, one shot deal so, make sure they know what they're doing. You're gonna have to fold your lip over your finger to get it so it will be discomfort stretching out the lip. The lip's gonna have to be very dry. A lot of paper towel dabbings on it. Like I said, it doesn't hurt very much but there is discomfort. I don't know if you ever had your mouth washed out with soap when you were a kid. A little too much profanity, I know I did but, uh, that's kinda what you're gonna feel. Green soap in your mouth. Dry tissues. It's gonna remind you of your childhood again but the outcomes fun.

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