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How to Take Care of a Septum Piercing

Learn how to take care of a septum piercing from professional body piercer Dana Dunn in this Howcast video.


My name's Dana Dunn. I've been working in the piercing business going on 6 years now. I do typically about 3,000 to 4,000 a year. I work at Pins and Needles Tattoo. We have a website Piercing is my life and I'm going to talk to you about body piercing. Septum piercing is the area of skin in the center of you nose. A lot of people call it a bowl piercing. That one is typically done with a 14 gauge. It is typically done with a captain earring which is a hoop with a single ball, or a horseshoe or a curved barbell, which is again a horseshoe with two balls on the end. The process of that is pretty quick pretty easy. It does make your eyes water up, it is a little bit of a pinch. But the care for it is pretty simple, it's just anti-bacterial soap on the tips of your fingers, as good as you can. Your body actually heals it up by itself pretty quick and easy. A lot of people get the curved barbell in there because they can flip it up if they need to hide it for work or anything like that. Again it's a really simple piercing healing is pretty easy. And again there are probably a lot of people out there that have it done and you really wouldn't even tell, because they just flip it up and hide it.

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