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How to Pick a Tribal Tattoo Design

Learn how to pick a tribal tattoo design from the experts at Area 51 tattoo studio in this Howcast tattoo video.


Hi, my name is Chris 51. I specialize in what I like to call "Hyper Realism Tattooing". And my name is Joshua South. I'm the head instructor here at Area 51 in Springfield, Oregon. To find out more information, visit Let's talk tattoos.

The main thing to consider when you're getting a tribal tattoo done is the way your body is shaped. You want the lines of the tattoo to accent and flow with rhythm and movement of your structure. If the lines of the tattoo move with your body system and accent your physique well, they're gonna look good at a glance. When you're designing a tribal tattoo you should always consider the way it's gonna sit on your body. You want it to move well with your system. Flow with your muscle structures.

Another thing you would like to consider when you get your tribal tattoo done is: do I want it to be really intricate? Or do I want it to be more simple? If it's really intricate, from a distance it will appear a little jumbled and hard to read. Generally, men will get tribal tattoos that are a little thicker with spike shapes to them. A little more jagged, a little more manly looking. Women tend to have swirly patterns done, thin lines; a little daintier.

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