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How to Do a Handstand Freeze B-Boy Dance Move

Learn how to do the b-boy dance move known as the handstand freeze in this Howcast breakdancing tutorial with choreographer Victor "Kid Glyde" Alicea.


Whassup, everybody. My name is Kid Glyde. I'm the leader of the Dynamic Rockers, pretty famous B-Boy. I travel around the world, I organize events. I've been dancing for 15 years. So I think I'm pretty credible to teach you. Be positive, be strong, let's do it.

Alright we've covered a lot of the ground stuff and now it's time to do stuff in the air. I'm gonna show you real quick how to do a handstand. Once again you want to stay centered, alright? You don't want you arms to be too wide, alright? You want your arms to be shoulder length, so you have a base, ok? Now this might be hard to do without the wall. So first, I encourage everybody to go against the wall, the wall's straight you want your back straight. You don't want...nobody walks around like this. You wanna be straight just like you walk around, you wanna be straight like you walk. So I'm gonna do it against the wall you guys follow me. Alright see my whole body's straight and you can practice going open and yeah. As you guys saw how I got up. I used my stomach to get up, I didn't throw my legs you don't want to throw your legs against the wall, alright? You wanna use your stomach. This is your core, this is where your power is, so do it slow. There you go, good. Now you have your legs open and once you get this good, you start doing it on one hand, so you have your legs open and your shift your weight to one side. See how my legs are coming down? I have a kind of an L shape and you lift up one leg I mean one hand. Do the same thing on the other side, gotta work on your balance. A handstand is not a typical move a b-boy does, but it is a basic. From there, once you have a handstand, you have balance, and you strength to do other moves. So I encourage everybody to practice this, but then also practice the basics for everything else alright? Now let's see it without the wall alright once you get that you gotta upgrade. Alright so basically, you're going jump out there. Theres no wall. Maybe you can try it with a friend where you can just hold one foot. But sooner or later, you gotta do it without anybody, alright? So you're gonna put your hands down gently on the floor, you not gonna go... Gently alright take your time, just like I picked myself slow with my stomach. Same thing, you don't wanna throw your legs up. Ok, you may lose balance, but that's why you gotta use your wrists, alright? Open your legs, put them together, and that's a handstand.

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