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How to Do a Backspin with Normal Whip B-Boy Dance Move

Learn how to do a b-boy backspin with normal whip in this Howcast breakdancing tutorial with choreographer Victor "Kid Glyde" Alicea.


Whassup, everybody. My name is Kid Glyde. I'm the leader of the Dynamic Rockers, pretty famous B-Boy. I travel around the world, I organize events. I've been dancing for 15 years. So I think I'm pretty credible to teach you. Be positive, be strong, let's do it.

All right, now that you've got that Cali whip down, it's about to take it to the next level. We're gonna do the regular whip, alright. The regular whip is harder, but it's definitely a good way to learn how to do a windmill later on. But that's later on, alright. So, with that being said, just like we learned previously, our baby freeze, we're gonna use that, and also the hand glide. See how the moves evolve step by step? This is how the dance moved on. Each move works into another move. So we're in our baby freeze slash hand glide. Up, alright? First we're gonna learn how to go onto our shoulder. Our legs are going to be in the air, our head down. And we're gonna kind of push like that, like push the floor, and gently put our shoulder down. That's how you get into the back spin. Now once you learn how to get into the back spin like that, then you use the Cali whip. See how my legs were open? You whip it, and then bring it in. So it's two whips. And at the same time, you do a semi of a hand glide. So you push, and then you push again. It's a lot of stuff to take in. So first my hands. We're gonna push like this, and then push on the floor. So it's two moves on the floor. Right now we're just working on the hands. So push, push. Now, let's work on the legs. Legs have to be hot. So with the hand movement, after you've been working on it a couple times, you're gonna use your legs, alright. Boom. So that's how we get on our back. Now, once we get on our back, we're gonna close our legs, alright. So we whip onto our back, and once we whip onto our back and touch our shoulder, we bring our legs in close. So it's two whips, but you make it look like it's one. So watch me do it one at a time. So here, whip, whip. Now if you do it faster and put it together, nobody will see the two different whips. So now we'll do it together. Let's do it again. Here. Alright? And that's a regular backspin.

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