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How to Do a Hand Glide B-Boy Dance Move

Learn how to do the b-boy dance move known as the hand glide in this Howcast breakdancing tutorial with choreographer Victor "Kid Glyde" Alicea.


Whassup, everybody. My name is Kid Glyde. I'm the leader of the Dynamic Rockers, pretty famous B-Boy. I travel around the world, I organize events. I've been dancing for 15 years. So I think I'm pretty credible to teach you. Be positive, be strong, let's do it.

So now we are going to do our first power move, hand glides. As you can see I have my hand glide glove. You know it helps a lot. You know there's different accessories you can use for the dance. I try not to use as many, the only move I use an accessory for is a hand glide. I mean, it's one of my favorite moves. I mean, if it wasn't for the move, I wouldn't have the name I have. My father created this move and that's why he's Glyde. They called him Glyde for making up hand glide. And I'm Kid Glyde. So let's work on my move alright. So now, same thing as a Baby Freeze, alright, you want to hold yourself off the floor, alright. You want to put your left elbow into the left side of your stomach, alright, 90 degree angle, alright, but instead of putting your head down, you want to put your head up. Now this might take time, alright, or it's definitely going to take time. So you want to pick up your legs, alright, you want to be able to have balance. And once you have balance, good enough balance to hold yourself up, then you are going to learn how to spin, alright. So from here you are going to start tapping, alright, so you don't want to tap from here. You want to kind of mush the floor, like that; you know you want to move. So you're here, you move, move, move. As you get better you go faster, faster, faster, you go faster and faster, you let go, right. That's a hand glide.

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