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How to Do a Headspin B-Boy Dance Move

Learn how to do a bboy headspin in this Howcast breakdancing tutorial with choreographer Victor "Kid Glyde" Alicea.


Whassup, everybody. My name is Kid Glyde. I'm the leader of the Dynamic Rockers, pretty famous B-Boy. I travel around the world, I organize events. I've been dancing for 15 years. So I think I'm pretty credible to teach you. Be positive, be strong, let's do it.

Alright so, now we're gonna work on our headspins. It's basically a headstand-spinning. Alright so, I know you've been working on it. Hopefully you have. This is a hard move so, I mean it requires your neck so, you have to be careful. You have to strengthen your neck you know, lock your jaw. Back to the pyramid thing I was telling you guys about, put your head down, top of your head, here alright? Then make your right leg go straight, left leg is bent, whip to the other side. Alright, now loosen your whip. Keep doing that over and over and over. Alright, a little while later, you tap. Alright. Tap. And your legs are gonna be all over the place, but you have to work like that. Alright. OK, so you just have to keep practicing. Repetition is key alright? Alright, so now let's do it again with the whip. So here, practice your whip. Tap, tap. If you have to, start again. Tap, tap, OK. And that is your headspin.

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