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How to Do a Single Crochet Stitch

Learn how to do a single crochet stitch from Lion Brand Yarn's Andrea Lemire in this Howcast video.


Hey, I'm Andrea Lemire, the education coordinator here at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. I'm going to show you some really cool techniques for beginning crochet, and hopefully, you'll have as much fun as I have with it. Okay, lets get started.

So the single stitch or the single crochet is the shortest of all the basic stitches. Its the least amount of steps that exist in any of the stitches. We are going to be working in rows. There is a different way you would be working this stitch if you were working in rounds, which I will be showing you guys a little later. We are going to be making these flat sort of swatches here. when you're in your first row after you have made your chain, there's a slightly different way that you go into the fabric and then it changes after that first row. So I'm going to show you both in a single crochet stitch. It is important that you skip over that first chain closest to the hook, where that yarn is coming out of and the reason for that is if you go in that chain, it will undo it because you are basically following that yarn back through and then the whole chains going to come out. So we are going to skip over that first chain and if you're a right handed person your going to be working from right to left, if you are left handed you will be working left to right in your rows. I am showing you guys right handed so I am working towards the left, so you can sort of position your chain going in that direction, to make it easier to find where to go and where we want to be going for the very first stitch is in that second chain from the hook and if you look at the front of your chain it looks like little V's all stacked on top of each other and if I turn that to the side there's a top layer and bottom layer and where I want to go with my hook for the first step of this single crochet. We don't want to go into the first chain here, where the yarn is coming out of because that would undo that chain, which we don't want. So the first chain we are working into is that second chain from the hook and what I want to do with my hook is insert under the top of my V from front to back. So I've gone into that chain. Once I'm in it, I want to bring my yarn over the hook, swivel down here to lock that in place. Now I'm just going to bring that yarn through that chain on to my hook. So you should still have two loops at this point. To finish my single crochet, I am going to yarn over again and this time I am bringing it through the both loops. and it helps to pull down a little here on what's below those loops to help get through them. To find where to go next, it's a good idea to position your hook so its horizontal to your work so that will line all the stitches up nicely. The stitch that we just worked into is going to be a little open, so that makes it a little easier to find and we used up that space so we don't need it anymore. So where we are going to go next is just the next available space to the left and I'm going to go in with my hook, front to back, bring my yarn through the chain on to my hook, you have two loops. Yarn over and pull through both. And you're going to do this across every available chain, until you get to that knot, that last chain. So now your finished your first row of single crochet into the chain that is different from every other row that your going to move onto now. So make sure to check out the turning video next.

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