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How to Make a Sexy Schoolgirl Halloween Costume

Pull together this always-popular outfit with these tips.


  • Step 1: Get a plaid skirt Get a plaid miniskirt. If you want the real deal, order one from a school uniform supply company and have it shortened.
  • Step 2: Team with a polo shirt Team your plaid skirt with a polo shirt. To make it a sexy schoolgirl Halloween costume, wear one that's a few sizes too small so it's snug and shows off a little stomach.
  • TIP: A form-fitting blazer with nothing underneath or a white, button-down shirt tied at your midriff are other options.
  • Step 3: Get Mary Janes Wear the classic schoolgirl shoe style -- the Mary Jane -- but get a sexy, high-heeled version.
  • Step 4: Wear white knee-high socks Wear your sexy Mary Janes with white knee-high socks or thigh-high stockings.
  • Step 5: Have girlish hair Put your hair in pigtails or a high ponytail. If your hair isn't long enough, try styling with barrettes.
  • Step 6: Carry a prop Carry a schoolgirl prop, like a backpack, a lunchbox, or an apple for the teacher. Just don't get sent to the principal's office!
  • FACT: Every piece of Britney Spears’s sexy schoolgirl outfit she wore in the music video "…Baby One More Time" was purchased at Kmart.

You Will Need

  • Plaid miniskirt
  • Polo shirt
  • High-heeled Mary Janes
  • Knee-highs or thigh-highs
  • Pigtails or a ponytail
  • Schoolgirl prop
  • Form-fitting blazer (optional)
  • White button-down shirt (optional)
  • Barrettes (optional)

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