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Call of Duty: Black Ops / Choosing an Assault Rifle

Learn how to choose an assault rifle for Call of Duty: Black Ops with this game tutorial.


What is up guys? This is Patriots from RealGamersTV and today I will be showing you the top three assault riffles from Call of Duty Black Ops. There are 10 assault rifles in Black Ops, the M16, the Enfield, the M14, the Famas, the Galil, the AUG, the FAL, the AK47, the Commando and the G11.

Number three on my list of my assault rifles is the Galil. The Galil is unlocked at level 20 and kills in three shots up close and four at a distance to the chest. It reloads with ammo still in the clip at 2.8 seconds and when empty at 3.8 seconds. The best attachment is either the silencer or extended mags, in my opinion, and the iron sights are very good. But, if you insist on using a sight, I suggest the red dot. You could easily switch this gun out with the AK47 but that is unlocked 18 levels later at level 38. My suggestions when using this weapon are not to spray from the hip unless 100% necessary and to burst fire at a distance by pumping the trigger and not holding it down.

Second on my list of assault riffles is the G11. The G11 is a three-round burst weapon unlocked after you buy all of the other assault riffles. This could be achieved after level 44, when you unlock the Commando. It has a limited number of attachments with the only two being the low power scope and variable zoom. I prefer it without either but if you must put something, the low power scope is the way to go. This weapons normal magazine holds 48 rounds so the need to reload is infrequent. But, when reloading, with ammo in the clip it takes 2.7 seconds and when empty it takes 3.85 seconds. The gun can fire a three-round bursts much faster than the M16 and has remarkable hip fire which makes it the second best weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops.

The number one assault riffle on my list is the Famas. The Famas is unlocked at level 14 and has the fastest fire rate of the assault riffles and arguably the best hip fire. When paired with Steady Aim, nothing can beat this gun from the hip. As for the attachments, you have many choices. The silencer doesn't do much to hurt this weapon and the extended mag or dual mag can be decided on by personal preference. In my opinion the dual mag is better because every other reload is shorter and you get some extra ammo. As for the sight, the best option is the red dot or reflex which again it's up to you. With ammo in the clip it reloads at 2.5 seconds and when empty 3.3 seconds. My suggestions are when up close don't be afraid to spray from the hip and at a distance to burst fire. This gun could easily be switched out with the AUG as they the exact same stats. The only difference is the recoil. The AUG is unlocked at level 26.

There are many great weapons in this game but these are the top three assault riffles the game has to offer. This has been Patriots from RealGamersTV and I'll see you later.

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