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Call of Duty: Black Ops / Killstreaks for New Players

Learn how to earn killstreaks if you're a new player to Call of Duty: Black Ops with this game tutorial.


What is up, guys, this is Patriots from RealGamersTV, and today I'm going to be showing you Killstreaks for New Players or players with a KD of a one or lower. The Killstreaks for players with a one or below KD we have are the Spy Plane, the Care Package, and finally the Mortar Team.

The Spy Plane is unlocked at three kills and shows all your enemies on the mini map. It will show them as a red dots, and the only downside to it is people who use Ghosts. People who use Ghosts are not seen on the min map. So do not rely on it way too much because if you start looking up there, you're not looking at the game, then you're going to walk into someone who has Ghosts who's sitting in a corner, and you're going to end up dead and you're not going to be happy about it.

The second Killstreak we have is the Care Package. The Care Package is acquired at five kills and drops a random Killstreak or ammo. These Care Packages are very useful for players who don't get those high Killstreaks all the time because you have the chance of getting a chopper gun dropped in your lap. All you have to do is get five kills. The downside to these are sometimes they drop useless Killstreaks or ammo when you don't need it.

The third Killstreak we have is the Mortar Team. The Mortar Team allows you to call in three separate mortar strikes which can defend objectives and get some kills for you. They're a simple way to get a few kills really quickly without having to do too, too much work.

Another Killstreak setup we have is the Spy Plane, the Napalm Strike, and the Attack Helicopter. This setup is good because if you acquire your Spy Plane when you get to the fourth kill on your Killstreak, you can call it in and then call your Napalm Strike right over all the red dots show on your mini map. Once you do that, you're on your way to getting an Attack Helicopter. Sometimes Attack Helicopters can get up to seven kills. Other times they will fail to get you even one, but there's kind of a risk and reward to these where if you're not that good of a player you can always capitalize on getting a little nice seven Killstreak and getting some kills. If you're a good player, I suggest avoiding these Killstreak setups because they're not exactly going to benefit you as much as they would benefit someone else.

This has been Patriots from RealGamersTV. Hope you all enjoyed the video, and I'll see you all later.

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