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Call of Duty: Black Ops / Strategies for Kino der Toten Zombie Map / Part 1

Learn the strategies for kino der toten zombie map with this game tutorial.


Narrator: When you spun in on Kino, you will be in the lobby. In the lobby, for the first round, what you're going to want to do is shoot three bullets into every zombie and then knife them. Knifing gives more points than shooting and they will die at four bullets in the first round. So shoot three and then slash their face off.

You are then going to go over here and buy the M-14. It costs 500 and can get you out of any sticky situation for the first five or so rounds.

At Round Four, you are going to want to come up these stairs and open this door. The box can spawn in this room, and for this game, it just so happened to do so. So, what you're going to want to do first is purchase the box. Now hope for a good gun. Here we get the L-96 which is, I guess, decent for this round, but I don't suggest it anywhere past this round, because it will start to get hit markers and then you will get screwed.

At the beginning of Round Six, you are going to want to come over here and open this door. Down these stairs are the Stakeout and the MP-40. The Stakeout is over here on the wall and if you go down the rest of the stairs you will find the MP-40 on the wall below next to a window. I suggest buying the stakeout as it's a one-hit kill up to about Round 10.

At the beginning of Round Eight, you are going to want to come over here and open this door. Go through the room and there is another door that leads to the theater. In the theater there is the Power Switch, the Teleporter and the box can land in two places. There is also a Juggernog available at the top door as soon as you turn on the power. The power will lift this curtain which will allow you to begin the big loop which is the main point of this strategy.

Once the power is turned on, you will be able to run this way, following this path up the middle. There is Juggernog over to the side as I mentioned. But you're going to run up these stairs and just run the big loop of doors that I have shown you so far, after linking the Teleporter by standing here and pressing the X or square button.

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