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Call of Duty: Black Ops / Perks for Hardened Players or Veterans

Learn about perks for hardened players or veterans in Call of Duty: Black Ops with this game tutorial.


What's up guys, Patriot's here. And today I'm going to be showing you perks for veteran players. The perks I would recommend are Scavenger, Sleight of Hand, and Ninja. Scavenger allows you to get a lot of kills and still maintain your MO. Sleight of Hand allows you to aim down sites, faster if you have the Pro Version. And it allows you to reload faster, which is helpful in gunfights. And Ninja keeps your footsteps quiet, which helps you stay away from people like me, who wear a surround sound headset.

If you're a good player, you're going to get a lot of kills, you're going to stay alive long. So you're going to want to have Scavenger on there to make sure you keep your ammo replenished at all times. Scavenger allows you to pick up ammo by walking over people who are dead. And you'll see little Scavenger packs that look like tiny backpacks on the ground. If you have the Pro Version of Scavenger, you also get extra ammo to begin with, so you're always ready to fight people when you need to.

Sleight of Hand helps you reload faster, so when you get into one of those sticky situations when you only have three shots, you can always reload and finish them off. With the Pro Version, it allows you to aim down sites faster. Which is always better than having to spray from the hip.

Ninja keeps your footsteps quiet, which is very helpful against players who are wearing headsets. Players with headsets can hear you and kill you without even having to look at you. They just turn around, they know where you are. The Pro Version of that makes other people's footsteps louder, so you'll always be able to hear the enemy if you have a headset on yourself. Ninja is also beneficial to teammates who have a headset on. Because if you're on their team and you sound like an elephant, they're not going to be able to tell if you're the enemy. So if you have Ninja on, they can hear the enemy, which will help you guys stay alive longer.

Another perk I would use, depending on what playlist I was in, is Lightweight. Lightweight would replace Scavenger. And I would only use it in game types like Capture the Flag, where you' going to be the one running the flag, or in the competitive playlist, where players are better, so you're not going to probably be staying alive long enough to need Scavenger.

Anyway guys, this has been Patriot's from Real Gamers TV. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you all later.

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