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How to Do the Bank Robber Jack Card Trick

Learn how to do the bank robber jack card trick from professional illusionist Ben Nemzer in this Howcast magic tricks video.


"My name is Ben Nemzer and I am a magician. What are my special features close up magic which is magic with ordinary objects that of cards, ropes, rubber bands and I do that all over New York City. I am going to teach you some of the basics of magic that you guys can start performing right away. This trick comes with the story about four jacks who were all bank robbers. They all took a helicopter and a helicopter down to the top of the bank. Now, the first bank robber went all the way down to the bottom near to the bottom to watch for the police. The second bank robber wants to steel all the money from the towers. The third bank robber wants to take all the gold from the vault and the last bank robber stayed on top with the helicopter. Now the bank robber who was all the way at the bottom looking out for the police saw the police and he ran up to the next robber and said ""We have to get out of here"". He went up to the next robber who was taking all the gold out of the vault and he ran up to the helicopter and thanks goodness for them all four jacks were able to hail the helicopter safely away. Now here is the secret to the four jack bank robber trick. For starters there is a secret setup has a part to do when nobody is watching. First you take out all four jacks. Then you take out three indifferent cards any cards that you like as long there are from the same deck. Now here is how you set the trick up. You take these three cards and you make them nice and square so it looks like almost one card and then you take the first jack and you put it on top of those. It almost looks like you are holding just one card. To finish the illusion you take the next jack and you put it right below the symbol (in this case it is a heart). The next one, this one, will go right below the club, and this one will go right below the diamond and then you hold it from the size like this. You want to make sure, that none of the extra cards are showing. If they happen to get un-square, you just adjust them with your fingers just like that. Now here is how the trick works. You can make up with your own story, in-fact it's really fun to come up with your own cool, clever, unique story but you say four jacks and a helicopter down to the bank. But before the helicopter down, you need to make sure you square them all together that way nobody can see any of the extra cards and you drop them on top. Now almost the hard work is done. You take the first card and you put it near the bottom. Now make sure you don't let anybody see that it is not really a jack all over on the trick, then just slip it in there. You take the next one and make sure that no one below you who can see what the card really is you see you take the next jack and you put it somewhere near the middle. The third jack, which is also not a jack, so don't let them see it goes near the top and now here is something very important. Since the four jacks are actually on top you can't put this within the top four cards. So make sure it is only near the top not the first, second, third of the four cards all over the end. And then you say the fourth jack, stayed on top. Now that is two things, No. 1. The jack was already on top which is very easy but secondly it adds a certainty that convince part of the illusion that you could it have probably shown all four of the jacks, but you really only show the last one. Then this is where the magic happens, you say the first jack ran up to the next jack, which ran up to the next jack and really nothing actually happening because the entire time the four jacks were already on the top and that's how you do the bank robber jack trick. If background music is disable, still more clearer transcript can be done.

Moreover, lessen the duration or increase the pay if possible, since it takes more time to transcribe.

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